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Whilst we were moved by Whitney Houston's demise caused by drug abuse, let us not forget our children.

Ironically, in her hit song "Greatest Love of All", she sang: "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way".

It's time for us to create the awareness of drug abuse amongst our children for they are our future.

As we stay on track to achieve high income nation status by 2020, the children today will be our future workforce.

Our children may pick up drug abuse as they may think it is a cool thing or because of peer pressure.

So, we must change their mindset to give them an insight that they have to fight drug abuse.

Prevention is better than cure.

If they pick up the habit whilst young, it is more difficult to kick it.

Another problem afflicting our children today, is smoking.

I saw school kids in their uniforms smoking in front of my neighborhood school.

Let us support and fight these two social malaise afflicting our children.