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When looking to achieve a life of ongoing sobriety, it is important to select a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that looks at the long-term recovery and healing strategy rather than to simply detox and release a person back out into the world. That's why the Narconon Fresh Start Program used at the Sunshine Summit Lodge in Warner Springs, California just north of San Diego uses principles and a learning framework that goes deeper and gets to the heart of what is really leading a person to depend on drugs or alcohol as some type of coping mechanism.

The word, Narconon, actually means no drugs, and this is the approach that the now six Narconon centers in four states use to achieve a 76% success rate from those who graduate and remain sober. The belief is that those with drug and alcohol dependency are not addicts and they do not need to be treated as though they have medical condition by replacing one substance with another drug to wean them off drugs or alcohol. Instead, they need to be treated as students of life and of themselves so that they can make the changes to their thinking and behaviors in order to not turn to drugs or alcohol if they are having a problem or are upset.

The Narconon Fresh Start Program was created by William Benitez in 1966. He was inspired by L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics because the foundation of that program was also that a person could reprogram themselves and fix themselves without using any type of chemicals to do so. Benitez created and tested the program on himself while in prison and even stayed beyond his sentence so he could help other inmates and further refine the program.

Today, many have been helped turn their lives around and get a fresh start at living a sober and fulfilling life without depending on any substances. Those that have experienced the program at locations like the Sunshine Summit Lodge have noted how much they have learned about themselves and how they can positively create the positive changes in their life through ongoing education and commitment to a life of sobriety.