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Two weeks ago, first responders found a child floating in a pool, thankfully the child survived. The child's primary caregiver was obviously under the influence of alcoholic beverages, stated the arresting officer in his report.

The adult caregiver was arrested, charged with two counts of child neglect. Another child was found in the home, without harm.

25 percent of children in the U.S. have been exposed to alcohol use disorders in the family, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.

In a study, a strong association was discovered between physical abuse, sexual abuse, violence in childhood, illicit drug use, tobacco addiction and alcohol use, all of which can lead chronic disorders of alcohol and/or drug use, according to a study published by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. "The majority of people with an alcohol use disorder had at least one psychiatric disorder."

18 million Americans suffer from alcohol-use disorders, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The unconscious, non-thinking, survival seeking animal brain circuit comes to perceive alcohol as necessary for survival as is does for food and water, he added.

"Those with alcohol addiction do it because they like the way it makes them feel, but reasoning with checks and balances are missing," Leach said. "The thinking part of the brain will try to manage it, but the unconscious addictive brain circuit drives them to repeat the behavior. Eventually, they become unable to stop and stay stopped."

When we educate everyone that alcoholism is not a moral failing but a chronic, progressive, relapsing disease, as is diabetes or heart disease. Hopefully through time, society can defuse the stigmatism, he added.

Many of us talk to out loved ones about their addictive behaviors, because we know it is harming them.

Alcohol-related problems and alcoholism has a pervasive impact on young people, their friends, on families and in our communities, states the NCADD.

In recent years, an estimated 1.9 million emergency department visits were associated with substance misuse or abuse, with alcohol continuing to be the primary substance that is misused or abused, advises the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Impaired driving is often a symptom of a larger problem often associated to alcohol misuse and abuse, informs the NHTSA.

"Individuals under the legal drinking age or those who cannot limit their use of alcohol; may cause devastation in the lives of themselves, their families, friends and innocent bystanders," he said.

"If someone believes they need a drink, that should be a red flag that he or she may be in need of help that alcohol cannot provide," said Neinhuis. "That person should seek help before law enforcement has to intervene with drastic measures."